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Planting in June -

Beans - dwarf (also French beans, Bush beans) Plant in garden.
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) Plant in garden.
Celery Plant in garden.
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) Plant in garden.
Dill Plant in garden.
Endive Plant in garden.
Kohlrabi Plant in garden.
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) Plant in garden.
Marrow Plant in garden.
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) Plant in garden.
Parsley (also curly leaf parsley or flat leaf (Italian) parsley) Plant in garden.
Parsnip Plant in garden.
Pumpkin Plant in garden.
Rockmelon (also Canteloupe) Plant in garden.
Savory - summer savory (also 'Bean Herb') Plant in garden.
Savory - winter savory (also Savory) Plant in garden.
Strawberries (from seeds) Plant in garden.
Strawberry Plants Plant in garden.
Sweet corn (also maize) Plant in garden.
Sweet Marjoram (also Knotted marjoram) Plant in garden.
Tomato Plant in garden.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) Plant in garden.

Planning for July

Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) Plant in garden.
Cauliflower Plant in garden.
Chinese cabbage (also Wong bok, wong nga pak) Start undercover in seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks.
Mustard greens (also gai choy) Start undercover in seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks.
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) Plant in garden.
Rocket (also Arugula/Rucola) Plant in garden.
Sweet corn (also maize) Plant in garden.

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