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Growing Kohlrabi

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(Best months for growing Kohlrabi in USA - Zone 5a regions)

P = Sow seed

  • Easy to grow. Sow in garden. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 46°F and 86°F. (Show °C/cm)
  • Space plants: 4 - 10 inches apart
  • Harvest in 7-10 weeks.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Beets, celery, cucumber, onions, marigold, nasturtium, rhubarb, aromatic herbs (sage, dill, chamomile)
  • Avoid growing close to: Climbing (pole) beans, tomato, peppers (chilli, capsicum), eggplant (aubergine), strawberry, mustard

Your comments and tips

16 Nov 16, Carol (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Hi Wendy - the planting notes say they're ready to harvest in 7 - 10 weeks. That would mean that yours would have been ready in August September. Perhaps you could wait for the flowers to set seed and try again! They've got a long planting season
02 Aug 14, Belinda (Australia - temperate climate)
For really cheap seeds ($1) including Kohl Rabi go to: I have purchased quite a few packets from them and they offer free postage.
13 Sep 16, Raina Stevens (Australia - temperate climate) does not have kohlrabi seed.
01 Aug 14, steve (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
i planted a lot of kohlrabi seeds in multiple spots a month ago. nothing sprouted yet. sub tropical area. anyone know if a whole batch of seeds bought from good online source can be bad? or does it sometimes take a while?
14 Jul 14, michel fanton seedsavers network HQ (Australia - temperate climate)
gardeners saving seeds of kohl rabi or any brassicas end up with far too many seeds, much more than they hoped for. Add to that they save seeds from at least 3 plants going to seeds for cross pollination so exchanging them is imperative. Try at your nearest "local seed network" someone may have tonnes to give away or swap.
14 Jul 14, Lance Bushell (Australia - temperate climate)
where can I purchase seeds for kohlrabi white and purple variety
08 May 14, Stacey (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Eden seeds ( have Kohlrabi seeds. I have it currently growing in raised garden beds quite happily so I can't see why it wouldn't grow in foam boxes
07 May 14, Alison (Australia - temperate climate)
Dear friend It will be much appreciate if some one can help with the following questions. 1. Can kohlrabi with leaves be planted straight into soil? 2. If not, please advise where can get the seeds from? 3. Can I grown it in well drained foam boxes instead of ground? Your sincerely Alison
18 Apr 14, Barry Sanders (Australia - temperate climate)
Anybody here that grows kohl rabi? I just read the gardenate site comments about it, but here are some thoughts of my own. Firstly, they say to grow it direct....well, I have grown direct, but I've also had equal success by growing in a punnet & then transplanting. It doesn't suffer from transplant shock. I transplanted some little ones yesterday & they are looking extremely healthy this morning. I've found that here in Port Pirie with a temperate climate I can plant them nearly all year..excepting the hottest part of summer & the coldest part of winter. Such a versatile little vegie.....just have it as a side dish, use it in a salad & it's a good replacement for cabbage in coleslaw, having a similar taste, but sweeter. I also use it in casseroles, curries, stir fries & have made delicious kohl rabi patties. Also, it stores really well in the crisper, I've picked it & used it a month later & you wouldn't even know it wasn't freshly picked. I don't know of anybody else who grows it, & most of my friends & family have never heard of it or won't even try it because they are unfamiliar with it.
12 Mar 14, eddie (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Kohlrabi is a cool climate plant, in temperate regions you'll be better off to grow it in autumn and winter. The plant will tolerate mild frost. A growing tip. I grow mine always from seeds, and when the seedlings are 10 cm tall, only the strongest seedlings are going in the ground. Before planting time I apply dehydrated lime to the soil.To 1 m2 a handfull is enough.When I put seedlings in the ground I dig for each plant a hole, fill it with water and let it soak in the ground then comes the seedlings and make sure the roots are well covered with mud. Much faster start to grow, and always plant in evenings. (I'm living in Melbourne under the hills) On very hot summer days I pull up a "tent" above plants. During hot days the kohlrabi is having heat shock, therefore I shelter it with shade cloth. The seeds I put in "hot bed" in July August. First harvest is around Christmas. I pull out from ground as much as much required in the kitchen, it will keep growing if you let it. The variety I'm growing is able to grow to 2-3 kg in size, never get inside woody. I have a variety of kohlrabi not cultivated in Australia only few growers know this variety here. Kohlrabi gigante is the name, there are articles photos about this plant on the net.
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