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Growing Choko/Chayote, also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton

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Not recommended for growing in USA - Zone 5a regions

  • Easy to grow. Plant whole mature fruit when one produces a shoot at one end.. Best planted at soil temperatures between 59°F and 86°F. (Show °C/cm)
  • Space plants: 39 inches apart
  • Harvest in approximately 17 weeks. Best when fruit is light green and not more than 6cm long.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Cucumbers

Your comments and tips

13 Sep 16, Raina Stevens (Australia - temperate climate)
I have been unable to find chayote (what we know as choko.) It's not available in my local stores. I remember it used to grow all over the place 20 years ago. Would you believe that I have found it overseas and have paid about $13AUD for one. If I recall correctly, the new plants grow from the whole uncut or unbroken fruit and not from a seed. Back then, nothing was ever said in reference to it's nutritional etc. value. However; after a little research I believe it's worth it's weight in nutrients and fibre.
17 Mar 17, Raina Stevens (Australia - temperate climate)
re; my previous comment and the overseas purchase of a choko. Not long thereafter and not surprisingly, Customs destroyed it. Would anyone in Australia be willing to sell a couple and post to me. I prefer to make payment with PayPal or by electronic transfer. They are just not available in Bairnsdale.Vic. - East Gippsland. I would greatly appreciate a positive response.
11 Sep 16, Allison wilkinson (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi a friend has given me a shooting choko in ice cream bucket in soil. I was just wondering how often do I water it & what I can put on it to make it grow. Many Thanks
24 Aug 16, Josie (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Where do chokos originally come from.
28 Aug 16, John Bushell (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi Josie, they originate from Central America - the region known as Mesoamerica. If searching on the internet look for chayote - that is the plant: choko is the fruit.
09 Aug 16, Donna Jo Mcnnes (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
My choko died down as usual and is now growing vigorously & has runners 12 - 15 feet long already. Should I cut these back to the base & let it start again in spring of just let it grow? I live in the Northern Rivers, Kyogle, NSW, & have had no frosts reach it so far & doubt if the frost will hit it now. I know if it gets frosted to cut it right down & cover it with mulch, but as it hasn't been frosted, I don't know what to do. I do notice lots of tiny snails on the higher leaves....I put snail bait around the bottom, but what can you do about the high ones that can't be reached to pick off? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Donna
12 Jun 16, Chrissy (Australia - temperate climate)
Why do some of my chokos have brown patches on the inside?
02 Mar 16, Alwin (Australia - temperate climate)
My choko grows many tiny chokos about the size of almond in Melbourne. But they all dried out and none of them swell to bigger fruit. The plant is about 6 months old now and vines already cover 3 meter fences. Anyone know why?
05 Apr 16, Guy (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Hi I live in the Yarra Valley and planted my first chocko vine in Victoria in late December. I come from Queensland and they grow very easy there just about all year round. I think your vine may not be getting enough water or possibly needs more sun or warmth. Mine has just started to fruit but may be to late as the cold morning have started. I also give it a feet of seasol every 2 weeks and that seems to help with the fruiting. Hope that has helped
01 Mar 16, (Australia - temperate climate)
does chokos like climate in country like colder winter example Russia - 15 would it last
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