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Growing Carrot

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(Best months for growing Carrot in South Africa - Summer rainfall regions)

P = Sow seed

  • Easy to grow. Sow in garden. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 8°C and 30°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 5 - 30 cm apart
  • Harvest in 12-18 weeks.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Onions, Leeks, Lettuce, Sage, Peas, Radishes, Tomatoes, Beans, Celery, Rosemary
  • Avoid growing close to: Parsnips, Beetroot, Dill, Brassicas, Fennel
  • A few seedlings
    A few seedlings
  • Very young carrot seedlings
    Very young carrot seedlings

A hardy root vegetable which grows well in deep cool soil. Carrots take about 3 weeks to show themselves and the first leaves look like grass . If broadcast sowing, mix with radish seeds which will germinate quickly and indicate the sown area. In hotter or dry areas, water well before seeding then cover with boards to maintain the moisture and cool soil for more successful germination. Check every week or so.

Over fertilised ground will produce split roots. Protect against carrot fly. It is best to put carrots in a different area of the garden each year for four or five years.

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Carrot

Steamed or raw carrots are tasty. Cook them in a small amount of water until nearly dry then add a pat of butter and teasp of brown sugar to glaze.
They can be added to most casserole-type dishes.
Grate raw carrots and add to salads

Your comments and tips

14 Feb 16, Nico (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
I want to plant Carrots and Beetroot in Hartswater under irrigation, what is the ideal time and what fertilizer do I use please, i want to irrigate with micro sprincklers.
17 Mar 16, Bee-Pie (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Also, do not plant them in the same bed.
17 Mar 16, Bee-Pie (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Beetroots & carrots require very little nitrogen. Too much and you'll have big leaves at the expense of root development. Phosphate and potassium encourages more root development.
14 Aug 14, mpfu (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
what fertilizers needed to grow carrot
23 Jul 14, Teboho Mohai (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Hi,what kind of organic manure needed to produce more quality and good looking carrots?
18 Mar 14, sandeep (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
hi i have seen some leaves coming out of carrot when we kept in a trey can i sow the carrots in soil? so that i can get the seeds. please tell me.
13 Jun 13, craig (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Can carrots be planted in bags? What form of soil should be used? Can carrots be plamted now if in a warm protected area? Thanks
03 Mar 13, Mkhu (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
What might be a problem when carrots becomes short and seems malformed. What can I do?
04 Mar 13, Kevin (Australia - temperate climate)
Michu Hi, Seems that your soil is not friable enough to allow the roots to go deep and the forking is due to too much ( probably fresh ) manure.

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