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22 Nov 23 Scelo (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Can I grow carrots in December? I am in South Africa (Durban)
26 Nov 23 Celeste Archer (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
In addition to my prior reply: don't forget to check the weather OVER the ENTIRE duration of growth. That is, the average days to harvest for carrots is 60 to 80 days. The days to harvest are calculated based on ideal growing conditions (temperatures/sunshine/water). So if your planting seeds on December 01 -- then expect germination by around Dec 15 - and then add 80 days -- which yields March 04 -- so you need to verify that you have the correct growing temperatures in Dec, Jan, Feb and March (in case you carrots take a little longer). Best of LUCK -- and remember the 60 - 80 days is for the average carrots some varieties take longer -- like my favorite - the DRAGON CARROT takes 90 days. Dragon Carrots are sweet and full of color. The nine inch roots have a bright orange interior with an amazing reddish purple skin. Full of nutrients including lycopene, Dragon Carrots are good for the body and look fantastic in the kitchen. (info for dragon carrots take from a seed retail site).
26 Nov 23 Celeste Archer (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
I really can't answer your question, (Can you grow carrots in December in your area) but I can give you all the growing criteria and then you can check (via prior years climate data for your area) whether your area meets the conditions for carrot growth or not. .Carrots: -- minimum germination temperature is 2c : optimum germination is 10c to 25c (the temperatures must be sustained). Seeds germinate over a 2 week period -- if crust forms on the top of the soil, germination will be restricted. Carrots like well drained, well aerated loamy soil. They are SOMEWHAT drought resistant. -- optimum growing temps : 15C to 20C , with a minimum of 5C and a maximum of 24C Outside of the growing range (less than 5c or more than 24c) the carrot goes into "dormancy/holding pattern" with extreme temps killing the carrot. Carrots like well drained soil and they like aeration... so planting in hills (or hilling) is beneficial and allows carrots to grow longer. Carrots can tolerate shade but do best in full sun. I looked up the temperatures for germination and growing on the Atlantic Canada's Advisory board publications (since I don't have all my germination and growing temps memorized). Hope this helps you decide whether or not you can grow carrots in your area in December.
25 Nov 23 (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
August to April.
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