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Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 14 Aug, Kay Patena (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Where can I get okra. I live in Hamilton New Zealand.
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 15 Aug, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
You can buy okra seeds from any reputable online seed seller e.g. Egmont Seeds.
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 14 Aug, ron (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
When and where to buy Rosella Plants
Yacon (also Sunroot) 14 Aug, TONY MCRAE (Australia - temperate climate)
I am on the east coast of Tasmania and would like to get hold of some Yacon plants. Does anyone have any available? I can collect north or south of the state. Thanks, Tony.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 13 Aug, eileen burkitt (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I would like to grow shallot onions, where can I buy seeds or seedlings, please advise thank you
Shallots (also Eschalots) 14 Aug, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Shallots are grown from bulbs generally. Where do you live? I have some and live near Bundaberg..
Garlic 13 Aug, Michael (Australia - temperate climate)
Over the last couple of years I have had really poor garlic crops which I have put down to fusarium rot. I have since read that it is endemic to Australian garlic (shop purchased).Same this year , so I bought some Mexican or Argentinian stock, planted it in April and it grew beautifully, until most of it started to sprout shoots up the middle from the developing cloves. I left it until the middle of July then pulled it all use as soft fresh garlic. Surprisingly about 10% of the plants were fully mature and dried well, also had a very good root system.Too much N2 climate change or just a warm Perth Autumn. My Australian garlic (March) is still struggling away Any other ideas
Garlic 14 Aug, Mike L (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Perth's climate is the opposite to East Coast - wet winter and dry summer. It says here plant April to June. It takes about 6 mths for garlic to grow. Maybe better to plant May or June - don't over fertilise it. It is variable weather - not climate change. Climate is the weather of 30 years.
Peas 11 Aug, Judith peters (Australia - temperate climate)
Can anyone tell me where i can buy fresh peas in pods to cook, can't find them these days
Peas 12 Aug, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Ask at your green grocers or supermarkets. If not much demand for them then they won't supply them. Grow them your self - easy to grow.
Peas 12 Aug, Sandeep (Australia - arid climate)
Big Watermelon Bushy Park Wantirna South VIC
Borage (also Burrage, Bugloss) 11 Aug, Barbie (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
We are in Taupo where we get a lot of frosts. Our borage plants are unaffected and just keep on flowering week in week out. In Auckland our borage plants died back in late summer.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 10 Aug, Wendy Starkey (Australia - temperate climate)
I have bought them from Tony Ayles fruit n Veg in Jandakot.WA...
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) 10 Aug, Darren (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Can they grow in a green house
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) 12 Aug, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Probably depends what you line it with. Plastic might make it too hot, shade cloth might cut out too much sunlight, maybe insect netting is the go. They grow chili in Bundaberg (sub tropical) out doors.
Asparagus 09 Aug, (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Where can I buy asparagus crowns. I live in Gauteng, Benoni.
Potato 08 Aug, Ross Duncan (Australia - tropical climate)
What potato varieties will grow in the tropics? I live in Cairns & want to plant potato but not sure which type will grow here.
Potato 10 Aug, (Australia - tropical climate)
Google it. It all depends what kind of seed potato you can buy there. Try Bunnings or produce places.
Asparagus 08 Aug, June Dunn (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
My asparagus is now two years old and already shooting. Should I crop and eat or leave alone and also should I put manure and compost on now before spring. Thanks
Asparagus 10 Aug, (Australia - tropical climate)
They say at 2 y o leave the ones thinner than a pencil - pick the bigger ones. Put the compost manure on now. Lay off the watering from end of May early June to allow the ferns to dry back a bit. Then in August cut the ferns and put the compost on and start watering Sept.
Lettuce 08 Aug, Ntokozo ntuli (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
Is it not good to plant iceberg lettuce in summer? Please give me some advices on iceberg lettuce.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 07 Aug, Christie Chaplin-Saunders (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
My Inca berries have flower buds now...
Horseradish 07 Aug, david (Australia - tropical climate)
I live in Nicaragua, there never is any frost. Can I grow horseradish here? Is there a secret to growing in hot climates?
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 06 Aug, (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
I have just picked my rambling cape gooseberry bush clean, anticipating some lovely jam. The berries are tiny. About the size of a small pea! Any hints so I might get fatter ones next year?
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 07 Aug, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Poor soil or growing conditions - the amount of sunlight etc. If you have a smaller weak plant then hit it up with some fertiliser or add some compost or manures around the plant for the next crop.
Rhubarb 06 Aug, David Newstead (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
What times of year is rhubarb picking session around Brisbane
Rhubarb 06 Aug, Mike L (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
When they have fully grown. Look at some photos (on the net) of rhubarb plants/stalks and judge from that.
Cauliflower 04 Aug, Steve (Australia - temperate climate)
Being new to the veggie planting, and can I say I really do enjoy my little garden. My question is when is the right time to remove the cauliflower heads??
Cauliflower 06 Aug, Mike L (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Caulies can look a couple of different ways. A good caulie will have a nice tight head. A No 1 caulie will be open looking. Check what a good caulie looks like in a supermarket. Probably not long after they reach full size - not growing bigger any more.
Horseradish 04 Aug, David Marks (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
Does anyone have any horseradish roots for planting. Thanks
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