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19 Dec 20 Genevieve (Australia - temperate climate)
I have been growing zucchini for past couple of years. Vines grow big ang healthy, the fruit grow to a couple of inches, and then begin to yellow, wither and die. I am not sure if it's lack of pollination or something else. I garden organically and while I have not planted flowers next to zucchinis there are flowers not too far away. Any clues, I'd love to hear. Thank you, in advance.
22 Dec 20 Anon (Australia - temperate climate)
Probably no bees in your garden/area. Check your flowers between 7-11am in the morning to see if any bees. If no bees consider growing plants/flowers that attract bees, flies, birds. Zucchinis are easy to hand pollinate in the morning. You should have noticed that some flowers have a little zucchini - female and some don't - male. Break off the male flower, pull off the flower part and rub the pollen onto the female flower. Google how to do it if unsure.
22 Dec 20 Margaret Phillips (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi, I have exactly the same problem! I live in a sub tropics.Originally had two zucchini plants ,but just as I was getting excited about having grown some great zucchini,it up and died on me. I use a sprinkler system and was recently told zucchini’s don’t like to get wet leaves. Melons have also been a failure. Any tips welcome. Thanks Marg
16 Nov 21 Jason (Australia - temperate climate)
I've noticed with pumpkin (and I asdyme zucchini) they basically have to be pollinated from another plant of the same species. Make sure you buy 2 or 3 plants. I tried several years just having 1 pumpkin plant and hand pollinating itself, with pollination always failing. Now I usually hand pollinate zucchini and pumpkin in mornings by taking the male flower from one and pollinating the female flowers on other plants and vice versa. It worked really well last season and seems to be working well this year with blackjack zucchs.
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