Growing Sweet corn, also corn,maize

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(Best months for growing Sweet corn in USA - Zone 5a regions)

P = Sow seed

  • Sow in garden. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 16°C and 35°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 20 - 30 cm apart
  • Harvest in 11-14 weeks.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): All beans, cucumber, melons, peas, pumpkin, squash, amaranth
  • Avoid growing close to: Celery.

Your comments and tips

27 Aug 09, julie (Australia - temperate climate)
Can we obtain baby sweetcorn plants or seeds in Australia? I remember seeing an article about the first crops being planted in Australia earlier this year. I'm interested for domestic gardening only.
30 Aug 09, Darren (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
We have planted sweet corn once previously in November - they grew great and produced good sized cobs corn but they were infested with insects - does white oil prevent this or is there a better way - we would like to stay with organic remedies.
04 Sep 09, Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
What do you mean 4 x 4 blocks?
09 Sep 09, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Mike, 4 x 4 blocks means plant in 4 short rows, 4 plants to a row, so that the plants are fairly close together to increase the chance of cross-fertilisation as the pollen is wind blown. Mark, putting 2 seeds in together is because there is a chance that one will fail to grow.
10 Sep 09, floody (Australia - tropical climate)
my corn grew to an alright height but flowered at the top before it got to a maximum height hence only one cob per plant, the smaller plants didnt even grow a cob. how do you get big plants with heaps of cobs i used potash as directed?
25 Oct 09, Caroline (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
My corn seedlings are beginning to turn a yellowy colour, almost like they don't have enough sunshine...which they do. They are currently about 20-30cm. We have had a good amount of compost in the soil and recently gave them a liquid manure feed? We live in a basalt soil area which can tend be a bit acidic. Does any one have any idea of why they might be going yellowish? Thanks for your advance :) Caroline
13 Nov 09, pete (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
i would like to save some seed from my corn. it is f1 gladiator. the f1 means its a hybrid so will this seed grow if i sow it or will it not? does anyone know?
28 Nov 09, Annalisa (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
My corn is going great! Planted irregularly, but minimum 5 plants together (I have two separate patches). I've harvested 3 ears, tasted like no other corn I've eaten - so fresh and delicious!!! Yellow leaves = not enough water perhaps? Otherwise it's the soil that needs to be better. Ants mean an unhealthy plant - better soil fixed that for me (first round ants were a problem). As for taller plants, I know a friend who planted corn bought from punnents, they ended up short. My sweet corn I planted from seeds (found them cheap at a dollar store, funny enough) and they are as tall as I am. They are also quick harvest seeds - only 8 weeks! From seed in ground to corn at the dinner table :) So easy.
27 Nov 16, Mark Southcombe (Australia - tropical climate)
I live in SE Queensland & have had ongoing ant problems for the past 10 years. I've tried Ant Bait plus many other hearsay theories & nothing seems to work. Earlier this year I started a veggie garden & have noticed the ants making a beeline for my sweetcorn. I spoke to a market gardener & he recommended a 'you beaut' Garlic & Chilli spray. To which was sprayed liberally on all parts of the plants in the morning & later that same day, the #€@ ants were back. Can anyone give me a tried & true method or am I in charge of a pointed stick, with which to push excrement up a steep gradient ?
28 Nov 16, John (Australia - arid climate)
Sorry you are having so much trouble. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) applied to the base of each corn stalk will stop them as they stick to the greasy surface. This may not be practical if you have a lot of plants. Putting pepper along the rows of very small seeds like carrot stops them from 'pirating' the seed but whether this would halt their advance on your corn I do not know. Trust this helps.
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In Adelaide, around the inner suburbs, corn can be started as early as late june, if you put a frame around the seedlings and cover most of it with glad wrap, (put one inch holes around the bottom).

- drew

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