Growing Shallots, also Eschalots

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(Best months for growing Shallots in USA - Zone 5a regions)

P = Sow seed

  • Easy to grow. Plant small bulblets, with stem just showing above ground. Best planted at soil temperatures between 8°C and 30°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 15 - 20 cm apart
  • Harvest in 12-15 weeks. Keep a few for your next planting.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Lemon Balm, Borage, Carrots, Beets, Silverbeet, Lettuce, Amaranth
  • Avoid growing close to: Peas, Beans

Your comments and tips

20 Jun 09, St.John (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi there, I like Carolyn am chasing some Eschallot bulbs to grow just outside Perth. Does any one have any bulbs to sell or can i just plant the ones i buy at the super market. Any tips would be great, thanks St.John
05 Jul 09, Grahame (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi Carolyn and St.John, Sorry I just read this post again after a long time and I just finished re-planting all of the eshallots and potato onions I had left a week or so ago. I have planted a few thousand of each this year and plan to sell some after this harvest. I'm not sure if I would be allowed to send them to WA though as they seem to have restrictions on most plant materials. If you are still interested at after Christmas I can see about getting some to you. Is there some way of doing private message on here?
06 Jul 09, Grahame (Australia - temperate climate)
Carolyn and St.John, I have found some of the potato onions in the cupboard if you still want some (they were destined for eating (yum)) - I don't have any of the redder French onion variety though. You can email me if you wish at info @
09 Jul 09, Kay Talbot (Australia - temperate climate)
I also would like to grow escholots. Have purchased some from the local IGA. Would these grow if I plant them? Do they seed
19 Mar 11, Thomas (Australia - temperate climate)
Kay of TALBOT. I am at Lake Bolac just south of you. I purchased French shallots at the green grocer & planted them kept half of the resultant crop & let the rest run to seed.I now replant some of the cloves & as many seeds as i need, let a few run to seed & now have French shallots on hand all year 'round THOMAS..
11 Jul 09, Grahame (Australia - temperate climate)
Kay, They should grow but it may depend on where they come from. If they are imported then they may have been treated by who-knows-what. Also there is some speculation that supermarket vegies are treated to stop them from sprouting. Some say they definitely are, some say that is an urban myth. My theory is give it a go!
12 Jul 09, Al (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I got mine from tesselaar's website last year. They are in this winters catalogue on their website in the Vegie patch section. Can anyone tell me when to replant them? (I live in the Central highlands, Victoria)
16 Jul 09, lyn (Australia - temperate climate)
Trying to find bulbs as described in other entries (not shallots)...any suggestions/options would be greatfully recieved. Have not had any luck with supermarket purchased eschalots sprouting
27 Jul 09, Ian C. Purdie (Australia - temperate climate)
Around Anzac Day I planted a heap of shallot bulbs [Dutch] which I purchased at Coles. If you're lucky they'll process them price wise as cheap brown onions. Also I purchased "Australian Purple Garlic". Chinese didn't grow very well. Probably irradiated on entry. Both are going gang busters but showing some signs of the lower leaves yellowing [which may or may not be a problem]. A few of the shallots however, while coming out as many as nine to a plant are throwing out seed heads. That's a worry. Any hints, tips? My Italian neighbour gave me some bunching shallots, told me how to plant them and also quite doing well. TIA
17 May 11, Cygnetian (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
You could try cutting off the seed heads to encourage bulb growth.
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Wendy, potato onions are still around and in my opinion are the only things that should be called Eschallots, the others are just spring onions or green onions. I originally bought some from a good nursery in Canberra about 4 years ago as bulbs just like you would buy tulips or something similar. A nursery should be able to find you some, they probably just don't bother stocking them as they are 'out of fashion'. I have also noticed recently that there have been some for sale in one of the supermarket chains (safeway or woolworths) in the 'fresh food' section near the garlic. I have hundreds of them in a couple of varieties now as I'm looking at growing some organically for market so If you can't find any I might be able to organise to send you some if you like. Grahame

- Grahame

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