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16 Jun 18 Claire (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
What time of year should I plant shallot seeds. I am in Canterbury
18 Jun 18 Mike L (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
You found this web site. You put in your climate zone and looked up shallots. Shallots are generally grown from bulbs. I have never tried from seeds because the bulbs are so easy.. Maybe you are talking about spring onions.
19 Jun 18 kate (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi Mike, I noticed that too. Some states call spring onions shallots, even though they're two different things. Can be very confusing. Maybe try French shallots or Golden shallots? Not sure what they call actual shallots.
20 Jun 18 Mike L (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Type into google "shallot bulbs" go to the " Images of shallot bulbs". Look through the different photos. The photos where there a bunch of bulbs stuck together are what I believe are shallots. They are the kind I have been growing for 37 years and my mother for probably 25 years before that. A lot of the photos they look like they are single plant bulb. Yes there is a difference for eshallots, shallots, spring onions, French shallots. Hope you work out when is the best time to plant. I live Bundy Qld and I can grow shallots all year.
14 Oct 19 manfred (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Mike - I have just moved into the area (near Howard) and have a few shallots growing. I am able to dedicate a small raised bed to them and am wondering if I can just leave them growing and harvest as I want to use them, as long as I occasionally lift and replant.
03 Aug 18 Stacey (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Mike, I also live in Bundy, I am about to plant some shallot sets that I purchased from the nursery. Some of the sets have a couple of bulbs joined toghether at the root base, like a bulb of garlic has individual cloves within the whole bulb. Do I separate these to only plant one little bulb, or do I leave them joined together and plant as is? Thanks for your time, Stacey
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