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Growing Shallots, also Eschalots

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23 Jan 17 Lindsay (Australia - temperate climate)
I grew shallots in pots for the first time this year and am puzzled since in some pots they produced bulbs and yet in other pots none of the plants produced a bulb by the time they had died off. Any ideas please? Annoying because the few that I got were fabulous. Nothing like bought ones. Thanks.
04 Apr 17 Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
If putting in pots make sure to have good rich loose soil. The only time I have poor shallots is when they grow in the shade (winter sun comes across the end of the row). The best shallots I grow, are from now into the winter. I read below how people leave the plant to nearly die before picking. I pick mine before the plant goes to seed. I eat shallots nearly every day when I have them producing in the garden. In scrabble eggs, in tossed salads, in soups, on a sandwich with tomato meat cheese, or even just whole on the plate with other salads.
03 Apr 17 Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
I grow shallots every year from Feb/March until Oct - Bundaberg. I keep some of the bulbs for the following year. This has gone on for 35 years. In the winter they take a long time to bulb, Where as in the hotter months the run to bulb very quickly. Shallots like sun all day. If grown in the shade they grow very weak and may not bulb up. Plenty of sun water and fert. The bought ones are generally spring onions.
09 Apr 17 Lindsay (Australia - temperate climate)
Thanks very much for your comments Mike. I'll make sure to give them plenty of sun and warmer weather. I'm in the SW of WA, so I'll wait for warmer weather before trying again. Cheers.
16 Apr 17 Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
Depending on how many bulbs you have - I would suggest you plant a few now - say 6-10. If they come up and start growing well then plant some more. I usually plant 2 rows with about 12-15 in each row every 4-6 weeks. This year I'm planting 1 row each 2-3 weeks. I'm just starting to eating some I planted about 7-8 weeks ago - they are a little thin - probably due to the excessive rain we had last month - leached the fert out of the soil. A planting guide says to plant from Feb to August.
16 Apr 17 Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
I would try now - your temperatures are similar to ours - you have cooler day temps. Just remember to have in sun all day. They like warm days not hot days like you can have in summer.
17 Apr 17 Lindsay (Australia - temperate climate)
Thanks again Mike. You've convinced me! I'll try now, even though this autumn has been really cool and mostly overcast to date. Cheers.
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