Growing Jerusalem Artichokes, also Sunchoke

Helianthus tuberosus : Asteraceae / the daisy family

Jan F M A M J J A S O N Dec

(Best months for growing Jerusalem Artichokes in USA - Zone 5a regions)

  • P = Plant tubers
  • Easy to grow. Plant tubers about 5cm (1.5") deep.. Best planted at soil temperatures between 8°C and 15°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 30 - 45 cm apart
  • Harvest in 15-20 weeks.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Tomatoes, cucumbers

Your comments and tips

26 Apr 23, Denise (USA - Zone 5a climate)
An old timer told me if you wait until after the first frost to harvest the tubers they cause much less flatulence. He said before the first frost they call them fartichokes. : ) Planting for the first time this year and will definitely apply this advice.
01 Apr 23, George Antoon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi everyone Sunchoke is planted in April (Sydney) harvested in April. I’m pleased to give you some to plant but in April 2024.
28 Jun 23, Neil Baldock (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi thank you so much did grow some in Melbourne but now live in Mannum South Australia on the River Murray
08 Nov 22, Carol (USA - Zone 9a climate)
I bought 5 tubers from Amazon, they're huge, about 4" wide! Can I cut them to make more plantings? Also, it says to plant in February, how do I store then until then? Don't want them to rot!
18 Nov 22, Ruth A Hersh (USA - Zone 9a climate)
Store them in a pot of dry dirt. Cut them a cpl days before planting to allow the cut to scab over. best if you can dip wet cut in wood ash so that insects dont find it attractive.
19 Oct 22, Jim (USA - Zone 8b climate)
I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, and just bought 4lb Jerusalem Artichokes for planting. Can I plant now (October) or if I need to wait until Spring, how should I store them? Should I mulch if I plant now? Thank You
25 Oct 22, Anonymous (USA - Zone 8b climate)
It says plant Nov.
17 Aug 22, Troy (USA - Zone 7b climate)
I finally got some Jerusalem Artichokes from a grocery store for $4.99 a pound and cooked them. I like them but primarily because my doctor called them a Superfood for me. But saved 4 to plant is it too late, April to October, right?
04 Sep 22, (USA - Zone 7b climate)
April OR October.
01 Jul 22, Henk knoetze (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Where can i buy a few tubers of jerusalem artichoces, some for eating and some for planting in the northern freestate.
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There's a yellow flowering bush that looks like Jerusalem Artichoke that grows wild around northern rivers- Uki NSW Australia that seems similar but flower looks a bit bigger & grows quite tall & I think the leaves are wider with a different shape, not ovste like the Sunchoke. Does anyone know if these plants that can run rampant are from the same family as the Jerusalem Artichoke?

- Colleen

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