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14 Oct 08 barbara burnet (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I have been growing aussie garlic for 12 years. First in Qld. now in Sth Victoria. My garlic is known as Australian Golden Garlic. 'The PEARLS of LIFE. tm. All is vibrant seed garlic . lasts stored 15 months or more. And grows and multiplys 10 fold. Flavour hot sweet and very moorish.Cloves med-large , purple colour. Delicious.!!
10 Feb 15 Tony (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Where can I buy garlic seed to buy?
18 Jan 14 rodney olson (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
where do we buy Australian golden garlic is it also named Ananda gold?
20 Mar 13 Sandy Egan (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, We have been reading with great interest about growing first timers, and are wondering if you currently are selling seeds..or bulbs.....and the price..not sure how you supply..or if this is the right time of year. Also any advice on cultivation, maintenance, soil type raised gardens required etc. Thanks ..hope to hear back. We are located in Victoria. Regards, Sandy
20 Dec 11 Leslely (in West Victoria) (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hello, Want to know where to get garlic? Do you plant cloves or buy seeds? Only two of us, so how many to grow and preserve for the year? Any help out there would be much appreciated. Thanks.
24 Nov 11 Ros (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi am wondering where to purchase enough garlic for about an acre. Ta
24 May 11 Benjamin Petkov (Australia - temperate climate)
This is my first year of growing Garlic. The ground is nice and rich and the first little sprouts have started to poke out of the ground. However they are being attacked by birds. Any ideas on how to keep them away?
10 May 11 Vincent Albioli (Australia - temperate climate)
Hello Barbara I am looking at planting about 1 acre of garlic on unprepared ground. My question to you is, have I missed the boat? Once you take in the time required to have the ground ready for planting. Secondly, do you have any extra garlic to sell so I can plant or do you know someone who can help. Very interested in the Australian Gold. Hope you can help or pass on any information would be greatly appreciated.
04 Mar 11 paddy (Australia - temperate climate)
thanks for the read, I was given today some garlic to plant, it is beginning to shoot, do I plant it now or wait for a while, if so how should I store same.....thanks ia
01 Mar 11 Barbara Burnet (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Thankyou for comments. I am preparing soil now for planting. may be in two to three weeks.Have had to get soil hoed up this year instead of digging up. Much easier.! I have only sold in small amounts this year . Have found if customers buy lots to plant they forget about it or cannot find it amongst weeds etc. Home gardners are better to plant no more than 20 bulbs .They can look after them fertilise etc. They do need care, although easy to grow. They have wonder flavour and do not go off. I market my Garlic for your Good Health and to eat them freshly sliced daily with a biscuit and a little tomato on fresh bread and honey. or toast. Wonderfull.Thats why I call them the "Pearls of Life."
10 Feb 11 bill elliott (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
So where do you sell your garlic Barbara Burnett, as I would definately like to buy some from you please??
28 Jan 12 Fr David S Dampier (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Thanks for all your help Ms Burnett. Will you add me to your 'sell' list when you are ready to sell seed 'Pearls of Life' garlic? I definately would buy from 20-30. I can look after that many without too many dramas. I am retired and therefore have adequate gardening time on my handss BTW how much do you generally charge? Thanks again. -Fr David S Dampier
04 Nov 10 barbara burnet (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Have just completed digging out my beautiful red skinned 'Pearls of Life'. about 1500 heads . All the wet weather has been good for them. Started pulling out three weeks ago and sold nearly all. Cold winter held them back a month. They taste wonderful.
05 Nov 10 Gene (Australia - temperate climate)
They sound wonderful Barbara. Where do you sell them?
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