Growing Cucumber

cucumis sativis : Cucurbitaceae / the gourd family

Jan F M A M J J A S O N Dec
      S S              
        T T T          
        P P            

(Best months for growing Cucumber in USA - Zone 5a regions)

  • S = Plant undercover in seed trays
  • T = Plant out (transplant) seedlings
  • P = Sow seed
  • Sow in garden. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 16°C and 35°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 40 - 60 cm apart
  • Harvest in 8-10 weeks. Cut fruit off with scissors or sharp knife.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Nasturtiums, Beans, Celery, Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Cabbages, Sunflowers, Coriander, Fennel, Dill, Sunflowers
  • Avoid growing close to: Potato, Tomatoes

Your comments and tips

31 Oct 08, Bruce (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I am having trouble with my cucumber seedlings, they start off okay and then wither away and die. What am I doing wrong? I do not water the leaves, I live in a cool climate and have them in a hot house.
01 Nov 08, Grahame (Australia - temperate climate)
Bruce, My first guess is that you are over-watering them, but to make a proper assessment we would need to know how much you are watering them etc. Titi, I have tried espresso coffee (diluted) sprayed around the seedlings and this seems to keep the slugs and snails at bay.
06 Nov 08, steven (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
my cucumbers are full of flowers but not many fruit they are in a 13ltr tub each plant and are fertilized am i watering to much HELPthankyou
05 Dec 08, Emma (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, I planted some cucumbers, as soon as they formed a nice leaf, something came along one night and ate the leafs, then next couple of nights they ate the hole stem right down to the grouend. What does that? PS This is the first stuff we have ever planted...we know nothing.
06 Dec 08, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Emma, it sounds as though your cucumber plants have been eaten by slugs or snails. You could try some slug bait in half a plastic bottle (so that birds can't reach it) or go out with a torch to catch and kill them at night.
18 Dec 08, dennis (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi! steve. when growing cucumbers in a container you must have good drainage the best fertilizer is blood and bone,& superphosphate.when first planted in a 13ltr container about one good handfull of each mixed well in to your potting mix then half a hand full wartered in when you have five leaves on the plant dont worry about to many flowers as the males will drop off and your females will give you fruit dont water the leaves or your will invite disease and white fly.all the best.
01 Jan 09, Graeme (Australia - temperate climate)
I have 3 lebanise cucumber plants, all growing well and producing nice sized staight cucumbers. Then all three plants produced cucumbers that are curled, fat at the end and narrow towards the stem. Any ideas????
05 Jan 09, ross (Australia - temperate climate)
how do u know when cucumber is ready for picking
19 Jan 09, cal (Australia - temperate climate)
when planting cuccumbers it is a good idea to make a little mound so as they get bigger the vine runs down the mound and encourages growth PS if the cucumbers are lying on the ground the side on the dirt will go pale yellow or white, its a good idea to prop them up with a stake or rod
21 Jan 09, Suzanne (Australia - temperate climate)
We planted about 6 cucumber plants and they were growing really well, but the fruit it produced left a bitter after taste. I'm not sure what is lacking in our soil. Does anyony have any suggestions?
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Make sure you don't water the leaves only the stem to avoid mould and the plant rotting. When on stakes.

- Tzard

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