Growing Cape Gooseberry, also Golden Berry, Inca Berry

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23 May 21 Adela (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
Hi, i live in Ontario. I got a golden berry in the husk from the market. i saved the seeds as folows: open the fruit, squeeze all flesh and fruit in a strainer. Wash it well, the flesh will separate. Pick it up and wash the seeds some more. Then you can put them on a paper towel to dry, they will stick to that but you can plant them with the paper, no problem. Or put them on a plate, let them dry well adn the bag them or plant them. I planted about half the seeds. Cover lightly with soil and i set them under growing lights, covered. I started them in January, they took about 3 weeks to emerge, uncovered and let them grow under lights. Potted them up. They say do not fetilize, but the leaves came yellow with green stripes, so i fed them fish emulsion diluted. They grew beautiful. Fed them about 3 times only. Never since. It is end of May and couple of them have a handfull of flowers. I experimented with pinching the top. Online they say do not pinch, let them grow 9 to 12 nodes and they will split naturally. true. The ones not pinched split and the first flowers grows right there. The pinched ones do not have any flowers yet, they are bushier though. I will plant them out in sandy soil in a week. I will save seeds this year and can send to anyone in Canada wanting to try. They are annuals in zone 5 so you need to start them every year. Very easy to grow, and if they make 150 to 300 fruits per plant it is well worth it. In the husk they store up to 3 months at room temperature. I can let you know how long will take from seed to fruit. Have fun !!!
02 Jul 22 Marco (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
Hi I’m in Montreal Please how long does it take to produce your golden berry? Thx
25 Aug 22 MAISHA DEWKINANDAN (Canada - Zone 5b Temperate Warm Summer climate)
I sowed seeds under light Apr 6, 2022 and May 8th transplanted outdoors, in pots and the planter. About the 1st week in July, started flowering and as of Aug 24th, started to harvest! I started from goldenberry from Columbia and will start seeds about two weeks earlier next year.
23 Jun 21 Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Squeeze seeds into a saucer or similar with water in it. Replace the water after 3 days, After about 5-6 days the gel around the seed should have come away in a fermentation process. Dry the seeds for about 2 weeks and put in a bag/envelop and put in a glass jar and put in fridge until you need them. Do the same with tomatoes.

Hi I’m in Montreal Please how long does it take to produce your golden berry? Thx

- Marco

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