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12 Jul 18 Jane (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Mike, when I transplanted some climbing beans and peas along a fenceline, I forgot to take the tray of seedlings (with mostly different types of climbing tomatoes in) back to the bush/greenhouse. Next day I went to town and didn't water so didn't see the tray still sitting on the ground in a vege garden. Next day I saw it! Could have cried! It was if someone had snipped the tops (little leaves) of my tomato seedlings off (climbing Italian flat tomato/druzba/blue ridge and I forget what else). I don't know what :( .I returned the tray to the greenhouse and it looks like they may grow back? Tonight I found a possum in the garden but believe possums don't eat green (or pumpkin)? Could it have been grasshoppers? I was told I have planted tomatoes out of season (I am also trying to see what grows here and what is not so successful).. (started thinning out seedlings today. I put too many seeds in together., transplanting each one into separate pots:buttercrunch lettuce, rhubarb-don't kniw if will grow here- Egyptian spinach etc etc etc). Looks like the Marrow (Melbourne cream) seedlings are settling in after being transplanted in the garden). What do I feed tomato plants, please? I bought some Epsom salts but don't kniw what to do with it. Thankyou again. Jane
09 Oct 18 Dale (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Jane, I had a problem with seedlings getting eaten. It was annoying me ,as I didn't know what was doing it. Then I decided to put a trap in among the seedlings and found that a family of bush rats were feasting on all my baby seedlings. As it has been so dry , all the wild life are coming out from the bush. Hope you had some luck.
16 Jul 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I grow veges from March into winter and from Aug into summer near Bundaberg. Beans grow best here in spring - bean fly get mine in Autumn.
05 Sep 18 Jane (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Mike - I was just rereading your post and it really is a great rule of thumb that I am going garden by.Appreciated.
16 Jul 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Web page - queensland - go to calendar and it gives a guide to planting each month. If they eat the tops of the tomatoes then you will probably only have side shoots grow. I'm going to plant tomato seeds early August and plant out early Sept. I have some tomatoes growing now - doing fairly well. Put a couple of teaspoons of Epsom salts in 9 L of water and sprinkle on the soil where the tomatoes go in. I use commercial fertiliser from Produce Suppliers (where farmers buy their fertiliser). 25Kg bag for $25-35. Use most on the lawn. About 10-14N,4-6P and 10-15K. I use about 2-3 teaspoons in 9 L of water when the plants are well established. I plant seeds into small plastic trays (get your meat etc in from supermarkets) then when seedlings germinate I plant out into 6-8 cell trays. When they start growing I place them where they receive about 3 hrs sunlight a day.
05 Sep 18 Jane (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Mike - have you planted out your tomatoes? Once established, do you use 2-3 tspns to 9L water per plant when watering/daily? Re: fertiliser, do you use that regularly around tomatoes/other plants and/or plant feed and/or soil conditioner or just fertiliser? Everyone should take up gardening.
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